Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Night

What a night. Carla and I decided to collaborate on a project covering election night together. I really love the way she shoots, she has a great eye for those Nan Goldin-esque moments. We decided to cover the election party at Manuel's Tavern in Virginia Highlands. Manny's is known for their public gatherings ranging from the World Series to the Presidential Election.

Being surrounded by 1,000 people who are all clinging to hope for change is an incredible feeling. People were watching TV's and simultaneously following election coverage on the internet. Some were decked out in gear supporting their candidate of choice (99.9% of the crowd were Obama supporters btw), while some just sported their "I voted" sticker.

I met some really interesting people last night. I met a woman who worked during the Kennedy campaign, and who proudly displayed her Kennedy buttons next to Obama buttons. I ran into two women, Ebony Chappel and Heike Braxton, who crocheted American flags that had portraits of Obama in the place of the stars. I decided to keep a close watch on those two women, they were full of excitement and anxiousness the entire night so I knew when the results were announced they were sure to be emotional.

When the results were announced at 11pm, I just so happened to be in front of Ebony. Shock faded to disbelief which faded to tears. It was so moving.

During Obama's acceptance speech I sat with my back to the TV and just watched the expressions and emotions change on people's faces. I felt myself on the verge of tears just watching everyone. Without knowing them, I knew how bad they wanted this and how long they have been waiting for something like this to happen. Words can't even describe the emotion and feelings that were eminating from everyone. It was truly a historic night. I can't wait to tell this story when I'm older, to say that I was there, and that I did my part for change.

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Ebony C said...

This is Ebony Chappel. I wanted to say thank you for capturing the moment. I didn't have a camera that night. Now my chidren can see how that night effected me. If there is anyway possiable to get a copy of the pictures of me, I would deeply appreciate it.I would even be willing to crochet you a wall hanger which is a smaller version of the blanket I made that night.Oh and if anyone ask you about that blanket let them know I am taking orders. Do understand that I would gladly give you a wall hanger for a copy of the pictuers from that night for my 3 children and I to have memories from that night, again I say Thank You. Email me at