Friday, November 14, 2008

Open Studio...

...was a success!

Over 1000 people came out to see work done by the photo, printmaking, and painting departments. Lots of stuff sold, nothing of mine cause it seems no one likes to buy photography. However, I did get a job offer! A commercial photographer here in Atlanta really liked my style of shooting and he has a team who shoots the events associated around the Chik-Fil-A College Football Bowl. He wants me to join them to shoot the events and possibly even the big game.

My portfolio class' show who put on a show within a show last night went really great too. Everyone got great responses to their books. It was the first time that I showed my multimedia on the 83 year old pilot. After hearing it about 100 times last night, I definitely have some spots to work on, but everyone seemed to really enjoy the story.

I'll post some pictures later!

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