Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lil' Weezy and Beyonce Wannabe's

Woke up this morning to my upstairs neighbors blasting Lil' Weezy and singing along as if they thought they were Beyonce. It was so loud. They did this before, but it was in the afternoon and I could have cared less because it was 2 pm, but this morning it started at 7am. So ridiculous. So I marched my no-makeup-pajama-wearing self to the leasing office and made a noise complaint. One of the leasing managers came over to our apartment to hear the noise for herself and agreed that it was too loud. She knocked on our upstairs neighbor door to see if it was them and they said, "no," but agreed that the noise was very loud and that this was not the first time it happened.

Caitlin and I were sitting on the couch this afternoon doing homework and watching Home Movies and we saw the leasing manager walk across our lawn to the noisemaker's apartment to leave them a note. Several hours later Caitlin saw the girl, who we've dubbed "Beyonce-Girl," come home. When she saw the note she marched to the leasing office, note in hand, to have a chat with the managers. She later saw her march very angrily back to her apartment, apparently in defeat.

What a fun adventure. It better not happen tomorrow, but then again I have to be up at 6 anyway.


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