Sunday, October 12, 2008

EAW Day 3

Shooting went so well! I absolutely love the man I'm documenting, Dick Padgent. He looks like Mel Gibson at the end of Forever Young. He still wears his old bomber jacket, silver aviators, and he always has a cigar in his mouth...he won't fly without one.

I wasn't able to go up with him in his plane due to insurance concerns. So I had some help from ProFoto to rig up the plane with cameras, one on the outside, and one inside. I did, however, get to go up in the glider. It was so cool! It really makes me want to learn how to fly. Afterall, my dad is a pilot.

We had portfolio reviews last night. It was a little intimidating, but they went well. I met with Maura Foley, picture editor for the NYT; Michael Williamson, Washington Post; and I showed Stanley what I had been up to since Mexico. Good feedback, learned some stuff about my work that I had never seen before. I definitely have a lot to improve on, but that's why I'm here!

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