Saturday, October 11, 2008

EAW Day 2

Talk about no sleep. I'm going on about three hours? I feel like it's going to be like this the rest of the week, but it's ok...I'm ready.

We got our assignments last night. Our team theme is Unique American perfect! My assignment is so awesome, I'm so excited about it. I'm going to document an 83-year old WWII vet, who use to be a bomber pilot during the war, and he still flies planes to this day. So I get to go up with him, rig a plane up with cameras, and learn more about him! J.B., Nick, and I are going to record audio cause we all have possible multimedia stories. I can't wait to get started!

There have been some amazing speakers so far: Gerd Ludwig, Platon, Brian Storm, Stanley Greene, and Yuri Kozyrev.

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